Our Mission

Taipei Holy Word Foundation

The foundation was set up in memory of Rev. Andrew Gih and Rev. Paul Shen. Throughout their lives, both pastors invested a great deal of time and energy into taking care of children who need help, and though their work, reflected the Christ's utmost and totally selfless love for mankind.

During his retirement years, Rev. Gih felt that in this time and age where consistency is rare, and where changes are the norm, children and youngsters who grow up without family support are always disadvantaged, and so providing them with adequate support is important, although this is a monumental undertaking.

To bring up a child, and to nurture him/her into a useful person is no easy feat: it requires a great deal of time as well as love. It was Rev. Gih's fervent hope that his vision will be sustained and continued; this was why the Foundation was set up, so as to lend support to children and youngsters who are without family and who are socially disadvantaged.

In October, 1991, in response to this need, the founding director, Mr. Zhang Min-qiang, donated a sum of money and hence lay the groundwork for the foundation. Mr. and Mrs. You Shao Zeng (from Hong Kong) and Ms Hong Chuan En (from Taipei), together with many other kind-hearted donors also made a substantial contribution to support this cause. When Taipei Holy Word Children's Foundation was set up, the directors of the Taipei Holy Word Foundation asked specifically for Ms Fu Bi Xia(Rose Folts) to become its first Executive Director.

Ms Fu was chosen for this position not only because she was one of the founders of this foundation, but also her 34 years of experiences in helping children in need and having a special burden for this ministry. It is a known fact that to bring up and nurture a child requires a lot of time, and even more love and faith. These children need to be cared for, guided and educated, and most importantly, they need models they can emulate. Adolescents, in particular, covet a great deal of love, care, support, and encouragement. There have been many success stories.

Because of the force of circumstances, the foundation was moved to current address at Song Jiang Road in Taipei in November, 2003. The mission remains the same: to care for adolescents who are without family support and young children who had left the Children's Home, so that they will continue to receive cares, supports, and an all-rounded and wholesome education. The co-workers of the foundation want to make sure that the contributions made by donors –both tangible and intangible – will not be wasted. In the new office at Song Jiang Road, our work continues.

With the love of God, and through of love of men and women of all walks of life, we give support to children and youngsters, and help them to grow into responsible adults; we care for children and youngsters who are neglected, abandoned, or emotionally wounded. At an important juncture of their lives, we provide them with timely support and help.

Another work of the foundation is to continue the founders' original purpose, that is, to give assistance to orphans, young children without family support, and children who had left the Children's Home but are not able to live independently. The foundation provides them with a place to stay, financial subsidy so they can continue their studies, guidance in their daily living, vocational training, job-seeking skills, marriage counseling, training in parenting, and other kinds of help in whole-person development.